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False etchings by Anders Zorn?     

    The copper plates that Zorns 289 etchings were made on ca 100 years ago, are either destroyed (with a few known exceptions) or safely kept by the Zorn Collections in Mora, Sweden. No more prints can be made from these plates.

One should be aware of though, that different forms of "manupulation" can exist with all kind of art when great values are at stake - and so also with Zorns etchings.

Underneath are some examples that easily could be detected by yourself with the help of a ruler and a small magnifying glass - and not to forget the "Anders Zorn Etchings - Catalogue Raisonné".

1. Check against the catalogue that the plate measurement of your etching (height and width of the printed area) is correct - a few millimeters difference is OK.
2. Check with the magnifying glass that the etching is not printed, in other words that the picture is not made up of "small black dots" like the photo in a magazine - just the etching lines from a gravel.

In 1926 the Swedish company Bengtssons Lito printed a portfolio with 12 of Zorns most popular etchings "ZG 279 The Cabin, ZG 227 The new Maid, ZG 262 Early, ZG 156 The Guitar-player, ZG 251 Vallkulla, ZG 250 Dagmar, ZG 286 Ols Maria, ZG 273 My Models, ZG 266 The Bed-Stool, ZG 231 August Strindberg, ZG 276 On Hemsö Island and ZG 274 The Two"

The plate measurements in these prints are correct and even the penciled signature by Zorn underneath is included - but with the information above you can easily detect that they are not genuine etchings!

3. If your etching is not hand penciled by Zorn you can verify on our page "Unsigned Etchings" that this is correct. Etchings from 18 of the 289 plates were approved by Zorn to be included in certain exclusive Art Publications at the time in Sweden, Germany and France. They are all genuine and made from the original plates in various editions - but the price is obviously lower than the ones hand penciled by Zorn.

Please observe that with all etchings sold by Zorn Gallery a
signed Certificate of Origin with a photo is included.

(ZG 274)
This etching has originally probably been "crossed" by Zorn with a pencil not being satisfied with the quality. The cross has then been removed by someone with a rubber but now instead leaving a white cross visibly seen all over the picture.
The etching is genuine but should not be available without Zorns pencil signature. (Bought at an auction without correct information).


”The New Maid”
(ZG 227)
This is a "heliogravure" cut out from the previous catalogue raisonné - "Zorns Engaved Works" by Karl Asplund 1920.
Easily detected not genuine with the ruler as the plate measurements for this etching - and 89 more - in the catalogue are ca 20% smaller than the original ones. (This one bought though at an auction with correct information).

”Miss Lurman”  (ZG 166)
Printed photo of the original etching with Zorns pencil signature - probably published in art magazine. The plate measurements are correct, but with the magnifying glass the "black dots" are easily visible - also in the signature. (Bought from a private person who thought that it was genuine).

”The New Maid” (ZG 227)
The plate measurements in this print from Bengtsson Lito 1926 mentioned above is correct. Even the penciled signature by Zorn underneath is included - but with the information above you can easily detect that it is not an genuine etching.(Bought at an auction with correct information).



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