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ZG 243  Djos Mats 1911                                                  © - Sweden


Previous                       Djos Mats         243 Karl Asplund 1920             in Swedish & English

International                Djos Mats         153 Hjert & Hjert 1980             in English & Swedish

Catalogue                     Djos Mats             -  Loys Delteil 1909               in French 

References                   Djos Mats             -  Schubert-Soldern 1905      in German


Motif from                     After the oil painting of “Djos Mats” (71x67) by Zorn 1905 (Zorn Collections, Mora)

Executed                      In Zorn’s studio in Mora 1911 - but reversed from painting

Signed on Plate             Signed “Zorn 1911” on the lower left corner


Plate Size                     169 x 120 mm

Plate Destroyed            Before 1920 (A)

Plate Archived              With Zorn Collections (Mora, Sweden)



1 état / state – 2-5 copies / Rarity

Munnen jämförelsevis smal, endast något bredare än näsans nederdel. Skuggan pälsen längst upp till vänster slutar ca 2 cm från vänstra kanten. Före namn.

The mouth comparatively short, only a little wider then the lower part of the nose. The shadow on the fur-jacket, farthest up to the left, finishes about 2 centimetres from the left corner. Before the sitter’s name.


2 état / state – 2-5 copies / Rarity

Nya streck i ansikte och hårmunnen bredare, skuggan till vänster utdragen nästan till plåtkanten, nya streck över näsroten, hårkonturen till vänster utökad.

Fresh lines on face and hair – mouth wider, the shadow to left extended almost to edge of plate, new lines across the root of the nose, the hair-contour to the left extended.


3 état / state – 30-50 copies / Very Rare

Reproducerat här och i Asplund och H&H. Hårkonturen ytterligare ändrad till vänster – den mellersta bucklan överpolerad. 3 nya kraftiga slingor längre åt vänster. I övre högra hörnet inskriftDJOS MATS”.

Reproduced here and in Asplund and H&H. The hair-contour on left further altered, the middle curl obliterated, 3 fresh vigorous curls farther to the left. In the upper right corner the inscription ”DJOS MATS”.


Total number of copies sold at major auctions 1985 - 2006 = 13 copies



Some major Exhibitions with this etching

1930 Liljevalchs Konsthall (Stockholm)

1979 Springfield Art Museum (USA)

2002 Zorn Collections (Mora)



Some Museum Collections with this etching         

Art Institute of Chicago – 3 state (1)

Bibliothéque National de France (Paris) – 3 state

Gothenburg Museum of Art – 3 state

Springfield Art Museum (USA) – 3 state

Thielska Art Gallery (Stockholm) – state unknown

Zorn Collections (Mora) – 2 state (2), 3 state (18)