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ZG 29 - Carl Snoilsky 1888                                © - Sweden


Previous                       Carl Snoilsky     29 Karl Asplund 1920       in Swedish & English                       

International                Carl Snoilsky     24 Hjert & Hjert 1980       in English & Swedish                       

Catalogue                     Carl Snoilsky     29 Loys Delteil 1909         in French (before 1909)

References                   Carl Snoilsky     17 Schubert-Soldern         in German (before 1905)


Executed                      In Zorn’s studio in Stockholm 1888

Signed on Plate            Signed “Zorn” on the lower left corner*


Plate Size                     (86)82 x (61)53 mm

Plate Destroyed            After 1909 (LD) but before 1920 (A)

Plate Archived              With Zorn Collections (Mora, Sweden)



1 état / state 2-5 copies / Rarity

Reproducerat här och hos Asplund, Delteil och H&H. Plåtens storlek 86x61 mm, med skarpa hörn.

Reproduced here and in Asplund, Delteil and H&H. Size of plate 86x61 mm, with sharp corners.


2 état / state 15-30 copies / Rarity

Reproducerat hos Delteil. Plåtens storlek 82x53 mm, med rundade hörn.

Reproduced in Delteil. Size of plate 82x53 mm, with rounded corners.


Unsigned Edition - 1.200 copies / Not Rare

Publicerat som titelplansch till "Sonetter av Carl Snoilsky" 1888.

Published as frontispiece to a collection of "Sonnets by Carl Snoilsky" 1888.


Total number of copies sold at major auctions 1985 - 2006 = 2 copies +13 copies from unsigned edition



*På denna etsning användes för första gången den monogrammerade namnteckningen, som sedan behölls konsekvent.

* It was here that the monogram-signature (used consistently ever since) was employed for the first time.



Some major Exhibitions with this etching

1952 Bibliothéque National de France (Paris)

2002 Zorn Collections (Mora)


Some Museum Collections with this etching

Art Institute of Chicago – 3 state (2)

Bibliothéque National de France (Paris) – 3 st.

Institut Tessin (Paris) – 2 state

Göteborg Museum of Art – 3 state

Swedish National Museum (Stockholm) – 3 st.

Thielska Art Gallery (Stockholm)

Zorn Collections – 1 state (2), 2 state (6)



Carl Johan Gustaf Snoilsky 1841-1903. Greve, Skald. 

Överbibliotekarie vid Kungliga Biblioteket i Stockholm,

Ledamot av Svenska Akademien. En av Sveriges

mest betydande skalder.


Count Carl Johan Gustaf Snoilsky 1841-1903. Poet.

Chief Librarian at the Royal Library, Stockholm and

member of the Swedish Academy. One of the chief

poets Swedish literature can boast.