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ZG 20 -
Spanjorska - Spanish Woman 1884   
              © - Sweden


Previous                       Spanjorska                   20 Karl Asplund 1920       in Swedish & English            

International                Spanish Woman           18 Hjert & Hjert 1980       in English & Swedish            

Catalogue                     Espagnole                    16 Loys Delteil 1909        in French (before 1909)

References                   Spanierin                        8 Schubert-Soldern        in German (before 1905)


Motif from                     After the watercolour "Donna Filemona Sainz" by Zorn 1884

Executed                      In a studio in Madrid 1884 (BN) - but reversed from painting

Signed on Plate            SignedZ” on the lower right corner


Plate Size                     175 x 119 mm

Plate Destroyed           After 1909 (LD) but before 1920 (A)

Plate Archived              With Zorn Collections (Mora, Sweden)



1 état / state - 2-5 copies / Rarity

Reproducerat hos Delteil. Före nedan nämnda arbeten.

Reproduced in Delteil. Before the work mentioned below.


2 état / state - 2-5 copies / Rarity

Talrika arbeten med tunna streck över flera delar av ansiktet, på kragen till vänster i jämnhöjd med halsen, i bakgrunden till vänster. Ett förlupet streck korsar mantillan till höger och en del av ansiktet.

Much work, with thin lines over several parts of the face, on the collar to the left on a level with the throat, on the background to the left. A fugitive line crosses the mantilla to the right and a part of the face.


3 état / state - 5-15 copies / Rarity

Reproducerat här och hos Asplund och H&H. Nämnda streck bortpolerat. Plåtkanten avfasad och med rundade hörn.

Reproduced here and in Asplund and H&H. The fugitive line obliterated. The plate-edge bevelled and the corners rounded.

Total number of copies sold at major auctions 1985 - 2006 = 4 copies



Some major Exhibitions with this etching

1906 Galeries Durand-Ruel, Paris

1952 Bibliothéque National de France (Paris)

1979 Spencer Museum of Art (Kansas, USA)

2002 Zorn Collections (Mora)


Some Museum Collections with this etching

Art Institute of Chicago – 1 state (1), 3 state (2)

Bibliothéque National de France (Paris) – 3 state

Hungarian National Museum (Budapest) – 3 state

Swedish National Museum (Stockholm) – 3 state

Zorn Collections (Mora) – 1 state (1), 2 state (1) and 3 state (2)