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ZG 2
- Axel Herman Hägg (Haig) II 1883
                            © - Sweden


Previous                       Axel Herman Hägg I     2 Karl Asplund 1920                in Swedish & English               ,

International                Axel Herman Haig I      2 Hjert & Hjert 1980                in English & Swedish

Catalogue                    Axel Herman Hägg I     1-2  Loys Delteil 1909               in French (before 1909)

References                   Axel Herman Hägg I     1-2  Schubert-Soldern              in German (before 1905)


Motif from                     After a water colour (48x35) by Zorn of Axel Herman Haig 1883

Executed                      In Zorn’s studio in London 1883 – but not reversed from painting

Signed on Plate            Signed "Z" on the lower right corner


Plate Size                     250 x 175 mm
Plate Destroyed           After 1909 (LD) but before 1920 (A)

Plate Archived              With Zorn Collections in Mora, Sweden



1 état / state 2-5 copies / Rarity

Före de nedan angivna arbetena.

Before the details mentioned below.


2 état / state - 5-15 copies / Rarity

Reproducerat här och hos Asplund, Delteil och H&H. Fonden täckt med övervägande horisontala streck, 8 horisontala streck skära in över högra axeln. Hårfästet mitt i panna neddraget med cirka ett dussin nya streck, modellering ansiktets vänstra sida förstärkt med horisontala streck.

Reproduced here and in Asplund, Delteil and H&H. The background covered with mostly horizontal lines, 8 of which extend over the right shoulder. The roots of the hair in the middle of the forehead brought lower down by means of about a dozen fresh lines; the modelling of the left side of the face reinforced with horizontal lines.


Total number of copies sold at major auctions 1985 - 2006 = 1 copy

 Some major Exhibitions with this etching

1990 Modums Blaafarveværk (Norway)

2002 Zorn Collections (Mora)


 Some Museum Collections with this etching

Art Institute of Chicago – 1 state (1)

Swedish National Museum – 1 state

Zorn Collections - 1 state (1), 2 state (3)



Axel Herman Haig was a prominent etcher of especially architectural

motifs and a member of  The Royal Society of Painters-Etchers in
England. During Zorn's stay in London, in 1882, Haig gave him 
in the rudiments of etching.