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ZG 1
- Axel Herman Hägg (Haig) I 1883
                        © - Sweden


Previous                       Axel Herman Hägg I           1 Karl Asplund 1920          in Swedish & English                ,

International                 Axel Herman Haig I           1 Hjert & Hjert 1980          in English & Swedish

Catalogue                     Axel Herman Hägg I          1 Loys Delteil 1909            in French (before 1909)

References                   Axel Herman Hägg I           1 Schubert-Soldern            in German (before 1905)  


Motif from                     After a water colour (48x35) by Zorn of Axel Herman Haig 1883

Executed                      In Zorn’s studio in London 1883 – but not reversed from painting

Signed on Plate            Not signed on the plate


Plate Size                     251 x 175 mm
Plate Destroyed           After 1909 (LD) but before 1920 (A)


1 état / state
Proof / National Museum (Stockholm)

Provtryck före arbeten över hela plåten.

Proof impression before work on the whole plate.


2 état / state5-15 copies / Rarity

Reproducerat här och hos Asplund, Delteil och H&H. Med dessa arbeten.

Reproduced here and in Asplund, Delteil and H&H. With these details.


Total number of copies sold at major auctions 1985 - 2006 = 0 copies


Some major Exhibitions with this etching

1930 Liljevalchs Konsthall (Stockholm)

1979 Spencer Museum of Art (Kansas, USA)

1989 Zorn Collections (Mora, Sweden)

1989 Kunsthalle zu Kiel

1990 Kunsthalle München

2002 Zorn Collections (Mora)


Some Museum Collections with this etching

Art Institute of Chicago – 2 state (1)

Swedish National Museum – 1 state

Zorn Collections (Mora) – 2 state (1)


Axel Herman Haig was a prominent etcher of especially architectural

 motifs and a member of The Royal Society of Painters-Etchers in England.
During Zorn's stay in London in 1882, Haig gave him  instructions in
the rudiments of etching.